Club History

Tiger MCC started it's motley existence in around 1991 when one 'Moggy' (oh bow down and worship) got stuff together and decided it was high time for bike people to do their thing in the somewhat dead and lifeless Cambridge area.


For a good few years we were one of the few backpatch MCC's to operate in the UK but at sometime in about 1999 we decided to become a frontpatch club. We did this because, whilst respecting those that want to maintain the traditional ways we decided it was no longer 'our thing' and that friends and partying were more important than some of the politics that can go with carrying the patch - We're party animals and we just wanted to spend our time doing just that PARTYING!....


Since then we've maintained our neutral and non political stance to become perhaps the envy of some... and the bain of others. At the end of the day we are and always have been a family club and a party club and that's the way we intend things to stay.


Until recently we were managed using the 'presidential' ways from our former existence but after seeing some of it's drawbacks we are now run by a committee of three. Every club member has an equal say in how the club is run, and so far it has worked well for us so we're probably going to stick with it for the foreseeable future (unless the club decides otherwise).


In these few years we've seen many changes and our club has become something much much more than just a bike club. It's become a real family thing and a social thing with far too many good friends and memories to let it go. While we see clubs come and go we will go on in one guise or another hopefully forever (but to do this ya sometimes have to move with the times and make changes where changes are needed...)


From the words of former member 'Dozer' "This club is like Herpes", Once ya got it ya just can't get rid of it !! I think what he means is we're one of those bloody irritating itches ya just can't seem to scratch


If anyone else knows anything else about our sordid club history please let us know as I've always been way way too pissed to remember the 'arf of it!